Blog #1 – My life story connection by “Superman & me”

Why do I love reading? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because reading helps me to build up the understanding, communication, and experience. It’s a good thing to try to understand, what they are trying to explain to you about something. Whenever I had a curiosity about those stories, I always make sure that whenever i choose the books or magazine that interest me, it helps me to gain more understanding and put lots of information into my brain. Sometimes I pick the entertainment stories and important stories. My mother influenced me in continuing my education. My mother is very helpful  to me. Because she is trying to make sure that I don’t give up easily. I say it is positive influence. My mother is the only one who can help me get back up and never lose hope. When I was in middle school, I had a hard time figure out how to make the sentence right. Because I didn’t read enough books. That is why my grammar is the only thing that keeps me struggle within me. Also, my understanding was not enough too. I try really hard to make things easier to understand for creating sentence. But, I wasn’t good enough. I had a really bad situation. When I fully grown up to become high school student, my major this time is about academic communication and language art. I spent some times study about the  academic art and language art for 4 years. I heard it is a good place to study about the grammar correction and more communication.  So, I took that class and meet one of my favorite teacher who help me to build up the understanding and make writing correction. It was the best class I ever known. Teacher change my life better writer. Teacher teach me little by little about brainstorm idea, grammar, and communication. Her teaching is the best. I owe teacher a thanks. After I graduate the high school, I’ve finally reach my ultimate goal. Because I study really hard to improve my reading and writing skill. And now, my english is getting better and better. After spending 4 years study about academic communication and language art in high school, I have finally got through. I had struggle about the grammar and communication long time. And now, not anymore. My struggle has finally reach it’s end. Because I never lose hope. I always keep on moving forward and never stop. That is how I begin to learn how to read and write the correct way. Whenever I find something interesting stories, I will always love to read it. I have a same feeling from the story of “superman & me”. He too also try really hard to improve his reading skill. And he did. After all he went through of his struggles, he finally reach his goal. He finally became a best writer in the world. That is why I too also want to become the best writer in the world. If I want my reading and writing skill to get more better and better, then I gonna have to study really hard to improve my reading and writing skill. No matter what it takes to do it. Never giving hope. That is all I ever want to be. The best writer in the world.