Blog #2 prompt – book club group

What up, people? As all of you know for today. Today is about the book club. That is for our reading fundamental class assignment. Book club is about gaining experience, understanding detail, and knowledge.That is what we are gonna do for the book club assignment. It’s a great opportunity for us to know what it feels like, doing this book club. This is an exciting moment. As of “us”, I have 3 members with me for book club. Here is the name list. Book club member is Janine Pasiliao, Luke, and Duy. That is my group. Now that i told you about my group. Everything is now settle. My group and I always love reading. Because reading is fun, understanding, and gain more thinking. It’s good for us. Reading makes us feel happier and comfortable.

The next one is about group discussion for top 3 books. My group and I had a discussion about which best 3 books that we decide. It took us about maybe a few minutes to figure out which books that we heard about. After few minutes, we finally made a decision. My group and I decide to choose the books call lord of the flies, the great gatsby, and the catcher in the rye. This is our best 3 books. After we finally choose our top 3 books, my group and I make a plan to complete the goal for our top 3 books. Our goal is to read our top 3 books that we chose and take note. Whatever we can to take note as possible as we can. It’s gonna be on our portfolio. So, this is really important for us to understand what this is about. That is why we are gonna do that.

So, our 1st goal is to start with the book call lord of the flies. The reason why we choose that book ,because we 4 of us heard about lord of the flies book before. Although, it was kind of cruel story. But, we are gonna do our best to get through with this lord of the flies book. After we complete the lord of the flies book discussion, then the 2nd goal is that we are gonna do the same thing by going over taking note for the great gatsby and the catcher in the rye. That’s all. For my expectation, I just hope that we 4 of us, as a group, that we can completely this book club assignment together. Very, very perfectly. So, we can finally succeed everything we have gone through for our goal. My group and I will be so happy together. I just hope we 4 of us have a good time and enjoy the fun doing the perfect book club. Omg. This is gonna fun doing the best book club ever. So, let’s hope that we prepare for this special occasion for the book club assignment. That is all.


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