Blog #3 prompt – Define difficulty

What up, people? It’s me again. Today, is the awesome day and I just receive a message from Mrs. Kim. Oh, I wonder what could it be. Anyway, on my email, Mrs. Kim ask me some question. It said that, do you agree with how society (or an educational institution) defines difficulty? Explain why or why not. Additionally, what can we accomplish from difficulty? For instance, how can we use difficulty as a tool to further our learning process. Explain why or why not. Remember that you can incorporate your own personal experiences, observations, and/or examples from books, tv, film, video games, etc. Hmm, that is a good question. Well, to answer Mrs. Kim question, here is my answer for Mrs. Kim. My answer is yes. Yes, I agree with how society defines difficulty. Because whenever the society is having hard time figure out the solution, then we sometime use internet, book, video, or video game to look for the answer we need to find. Our difficulty is going to be less and more easier to understand that kind of information. As a tool for difficulty, we sometimes use dictionary to find out what it really means from those words that we don’t know about. Also, we use internet to find out the information. It could be any kind of question that we don’t know about. So, basically, we use the question to find out the answer by using the internet. I’ll tell you why we choose the internet and dictionary as a tool for difficulty. Because the internet and dictionary is very useful tools to find out the answer. So, that way, it would have been much easier for us to understand about what this question , information, and answer is all about, Some part of the question can be that easy and some part of the question can be tricky or hard. That’s why we use the tool to search for clue, hint, or answer. Whatever we can find the information. That is my answer. That is how we society can always figure out how to make this difficulty even more less. That is all.


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