Blog #4 – Black. Male. Educator. Unicorn by Tim’m West

What up, people? It’s me again.Today is the awesomeness day and Mrs. Kim send me the message about the black male educator unicorn article. Mrs. Kim ask me to do the summary and my response for black male educator unicorn. Well Mrs. Kim, I’ll tell you what do I think and what do I know about the black male educator unicorn. Well, here is my summary and response. For my summary, the black male educator unicorn is about the ninth grade English language art teacher (black male teacher) who is physical trainer. Black male teacher take mental note and try to figure out the peoples behavior. One day, black male teacher overheard those 2 students believe that unicorns does exist. Somehow, black male teacher finds it very strange about himself. Black male teacher thought everything would be okay for himself. But, his feelings is something making him feel uncomfortable. Those students kept the positive to themselves. But, black male teacher is having a negative feeling. Black male kept saying to himself “I am a unicorn.” and ‘I am a good teacher.” But, that didn’t go very well. Black male teacher kept the secret for coach. But, it couldn’t last much longer. For a few minutes later, black male student finally said that coach is gay in front of the student ¬†and they finally found out that coach secret is that his gay. That was a hurtful comment. Black male teacher trying to keep things positive way. But, his negative feelings kept growing more and more. That’s why black male teacher is hoping it would be more of unicorn style. Wow, unbelievable. I never would a imagine that black male teacher had hard time how to dealing with this kind of situation. Anyway, for my response, I say it is very interesting story and it has quite a good reasonable feeling on how the black male teacher try think to himself that everything would be okay. Including, those student has a positive feeling. I kind of feel bad about that black male teacher. Black male teacher really is trying to be very unicorn to himself. But, he couldn’t do it. That is unbelievable. Who would a though this could be kind of feeling call hard time in life. Wow, that is so unprofessional. Well, that’s it, people. It’s nice and interesting story. It’s time for me to wrap it up. See you next time.