Blog #5 – music video reaction comment

What up, peeps? It’s me again. The weather and awesome college life is totally good. Today, Mrs. Kim send me the message about the music video reaction comment. Mrs. Kim ask me what do I think about that music video. Well, today, Mrs. Kim showed us about robin thicke – blurred line ft. William Pharrell music video back in 14 hours ago. That music video is quite catchy and inappropriate words, but it’s still awesome music video. Anyway, so about my reaction comment, from robin thicke – blurred line ft. William Pharrell, I say the music video is totally awesome. I was excited to see Robin thicke music video again. The music beat is catchy and the instrument sounds really fancy. Best song I ever heard of robin thicke music video. Also, I was little bit shock to hear their inappropriate language. Their singing lyrics is little bit interesting. I understand what Robin Thicke is trying to say. Robin thicke is talking about flirting with women. He is trying to be a gentlemen and start inviting women over here. Comparing about my reaction and the lyrics, I’m still kind of little bit shock and super excited. Also, about the question you ask me about “Do any issues arise in terms of the usage of words?” I definitely say no. I don’t see any bad things from that Robin Thicke music video. That music video is in good shape and I know those woman is wearing some cover clothing skin outfit. I say it is good call. It’s good thing that women don’t do any inappropriate stuff. Well, their you go Mrs. Kim. Now that I told you everything I know about robin thicke music video. Everything good shape now. Well, I gotta a skid daddle. But, I’ll post you guys again when Mrs. Kim send me another blog assignment. See you guys later.


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