Blog #6 – free write

K-POP dance club

What up, peeps? It’s me again. I received another message from Ms. Kim blog assignment. It says that Ms. Kim wants to do the free write today. Well, Ms. Kim, I tell you about my free write. So, my free write is about what did I do today in night time. Well guys, I tell you what did I do in night time. After I finish the Korean 1 class exam, I head to the euphrat art of museum. It’s next to the bookstore. I have a k-pop dance practice at the euphrat art of museum. It’s for my exercise. After I arrive to the euphrat art of museum, I put my stuff down in front of the euphrat art of museum door entrance and start doing some warm-up. In the middle of the warm-up, the leader gives us the hardest stretch instruction. Oh my god! This hardest warm-up stretching is painful and it hurts like hell. But, it’s a good warm-up. It’s good for me to loosing up my weight. When the warm-up is over, we take little break. Meanwhile, I spent my time talking with my friends. They sometimes funny and great friends. After few minutes pass, we begin the dance practice. Our leader teach us about the sharp move, deep breath technique, and step by step moves. Some parts is easy to follow and some part is not easy to follow. Because our leader sometimes goes with the fastest speed move. I was like shock. The way he move like that was unbelievable. I might have to lose some more pound on my weight. So, I can catch up easily. As soon as our leader finish teaching us those step by step moves, we move on to the next section. This time our leader is teaching us about legend of zelda song theme dance move. When I look at the leader dance move, his dance is totally different. I did not expect to see that coming. So, I step out and watch the leader dance move first. As soon as the leader finish the dance demonstration, I step in again and start following the leader instruction. The leader shows about the begin to the end dance move. Our leader show us slowly dance demonstration about legend of zelda song theme dance move. I finally got it now, because his instruction is 100% clear. I feel very confidence that I can follow his instruction. I got it under control now. In the middle of the legend of zelda song theme dance practice, my father appear. I was suppose to call my father in 7:00 P.M. But, I couldn’t get a chance to call my father. Because I was super busy in the middle of the dance practice. But, it’s okay. My father came by and call my name. When I hear my father calling me, I stop my dance practice, get my stuff , saying good bye to my friends, and went home with my father. Yep. That’s what I do in the middle of the dance practice in night time. Now that you know what I do in night time. That’s all I have to explain about my night time schedule. Usually, I do dance practice on Monday and Wednesday in 6:15 P.M. It was super fun and exciting. I really had a good time with my friends at the euphrat art of museum, next to the bookstore. Well, I gotta go guys. But, I’ll post you again, when I receive from Ms. Kim who gives me another blog assignment. Bye, guys.


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