Blog #6 – free write

K-POP dance club

What up, peeps? It’s me again. I received another message from Ms. Kim blog assignment. It says that Ms. Kim wants to do the free write today. Well, Ms. Kim, I tell you about my free write. So, my free write is about what did I do today in night time. Well guys, I tell you what did I do in night time. After I finish the Korean 1 class exam, I head to the euphrat art of museum. It’s next to the bookstore. I have a k-pop dance practice at the euphrat art of museum. It’s for my exercise. After I arrive to the euphrat art of museum, I put my stuff down in front of the euphrat art of museum door entrance and start doing some warm-up. In the middle of the warm-up, the leader gives us the hardest stretch instruction. Oh my god! This hardest warm-up stretching is painful and it hurts like hell. But, it’s a good warm-up. It’s good for me to loosing up my weight. When the warm-up is over, we take little break. Meanwhile, I spent my time talking with my friends. They sometimes funny and great friends. After few minutes pass, we begin the dance practice. Our leader teach us about the sharp move, deep breath technique, and step by step moves. Some parts is easy to follow and some part is not easy to follow. Because our leader sometimes goes with the fastest speed move. I was like shock. The way he move like that was unbelievable. I might have to lose some more pound on my weight. So, I can catch up easily. As soon as our leader finish teaching us those step by step moves, we move on to the next section. This time our leader is teaching us about legend of zelda song theme dance move. When I look at the leader dance move, his dance is totally different. I did not expect to see that coming. So, I step out and watch the leader dance move first. As soon as the leader finish the dance demonstration, I step in again and start following the leader instruction. The leader shows about the begin to the end dance move. Our leader show us slowly dance demonstration about legend of zelda song theme dance move. I finally got it now, because his instruction is 100% clear. I feel very confidence that I can follow his instruction. I got it under control now. In the middle of the legend of zelda song theme dance practice, my father appear. I was suppose to call my father in 7:00 P.M. But, I couldn’t get a chance to call my father. Because I was super busy in the middle of the dance practice. But, it’s okay. My father came by and call my name. When I hear my father calling me, I stop my dance practice, get my stuff , saying good bye to my friends, and went home with my father. Yep. That’s what I do in the middle of the dance practice in night time. Now that you know what I do in night time. That’s all I have to explain about my night time schedule. Usually, I do dance practice on Monday and Wednesday in 6:15 P.M. It was super fun and exciting. I really had a good time with my friends at the euphrat art of museum, next to the bookstore. Well, I gotta go guys. But, I’ll post you again, when I receive from Ms. Kim who gives me another blog assignment. Bye, guys.


Blog #5 – music video reaction comment

What up, peeps? It’s me again. The weather and awesome college life is totally good. Today, Mrs. Kim send me the message about the music video reaction comment. Mrs. Kim ask me what do I think about that music video. Well, today, Mrs. Kim showed us about robin thicke – blurred line ft. William Pharrell music video back in 14 hours ago. That music video is quite catchy and inappropriate words, but it’s still awesome music video. Anyway, so about my reaction comment, from robin thicke – blurred line ft. William Pharrell, I say the music video is totally awesome. I was excited to see Robin thicke music video again. The music beat is catchy and the instrument sounds really fancy. Best song I ever heard of robin thicke music video. Also, I was little bit shock to hear their inappropriate language. Their singing lyrics is little bit interesting. I understand what Robin Thicke is trying to say. Robin thicke is talking about flirting with women. He is trying to be a gentlemen and start inviting women over here. Comparing about my reaction and the lyrics, I’m still kind of little bit shock and super excited. Also, about the question you ask me about “Do any issues arise in terms of the usage of words?” I definitely say no. I don’t see any bad things from that Robin Thicke music video. That music video is in good shape and I know those woman is wearing some cover clothing skin outfit. I say it is good call. It’s good thing that women don’t do any inappropriate stuff. Well, their you go Mrs. Kim. Now that I told you everything I know about robin thicke music video. Everything good shape now. Well, I gotta a skid daddle. But, I’ll post you guys again when Mrs. Kim send me another blog assignment. See you guys later.

Blog #4 – Black. Male. Educator. Unicorn by Tim’m West

What up, people? It’s me again.Today is the awesomeness day and Mrs. Kim send me the message about the black male educator unicorn article. Mrs. Kim ask me to do the summary and my response for black male educator unicorn. Well Mrs. Kim, I’ll tell you what do I think and what do I know about the black male educator unicorn. Well, here is my summary and response. For my summary, the black male educator unicorn is about the ninth grade English language art teacher (black male teacher) who is physical trainer. Black male teacher take mental note and try to figure out the peoples behavior. One day, black male teacher overheard those 2 students believe that unicorns does exist. Somehow, black male teacher finds it very strange about himself. Black male teacher thought everything would be okay for himself. But, his feelings is something making him feel uncomfortable. Those students kept the positive to themselves. But, black male teacher is having a negative feeling. Black male kept saying to himself “I am a unicorn.” and ‘I am a good teacher.” But, that didn’t go very well. Black male teacher kept the secret for coach. But, it couldn’t last much longer. For a few minutes later, black male student finally said that coach is gay in front of the student  and they finally found out that coach secret is that his gay. That was a hurtful comment. Black male teacher trying to keep things positive way. But, his negative feelings kept growing more and more. That’s why black male teacher is hoping it would be more of unicorn style. Wow, unbelievable. I never would a imagine that black male teacher had hard time how to dealing with this kind of situation. Anyway, for my response, I say it is very interesting story and it has quite a good reasonable feeling on how the black male teacher try think to himself that everything would be okay. Including, those student has a positive feeling. I kind of feel bad about that black male teacher. Black male teacher really is trying to be very unicorn to himself. But, he couldn’t do it. That is unbelievable. Who would a though this could be kind of feeling call hard time in life. Wow, that is so unprofessional. Well, that’s it, people. It’s nice and interesting story. It’s time for me to wrap it up. See you next time.

Blog #3 prompt – Define difficulty

What up, people? It’s me again. Today, is the awesome day and I just receive a message from Mrs. Kim. Oh, I wonder what could it be. Anyway, on my email, Mrs. Kim ask me some question. It said that, do you agree with how society (or an educational institution) defines difficulty? Explain why or why not. Additionally, what can we accomplish from difficulty? For instance, how can we use difficulty as a tool to further our learning process. Explain why or why not. Remember that you can incorporate your own personal experiences, observations, and/or examples from books, tv, film, video games, etc. Hmm, that is a good question. Well, to answer Mrs. Kim question, here is my answer for Mrs. Kim. My answer is yes. Yes, I agree with how society defines difficulty. Because whenever the society is having hard time figure out the solution, then we sometime use internet, book, video, or video game to look for the answer we need to find. Our difficulty is going to be less and more easier to understand that kind of information. As a tool for difficulty, we sometimes use dictionary to find out what it really means from those words that we don’t know about. Also, we use internet to find out the information. It could be any kind of question that we don’t know about. So, basically, we use the question to find out the answer by using the internet. I’ll tell you why we choose the internet and dictionary as a tool for difficulty. Because the internet and dictionary is very useful tools to find out the answer. So, that way, it would have been much easier for us to understand about what this question , information, and answer is all about, Some part of the question can be that easy and some part of the question can be tricky or hard. That’s why we use the tool to search for clue, hint, or answer. Whatever we can find the information. That is my answer. That is how we society can always figure out how to make this difficulty even more less. That is all.

Blog #2 prompt – book club group

What up, people? As all of you know for today. Today is about the book club. That is for our reading fundamental class assignment. Book club is about gaining experience, understanding detail, and knowledge.That is what we are gonna do for the book club assignment. It’s a great opportunity for us to know what it feels like, doing this book club. This is an exciting moment. As of “us”, I have 3 members with me for book club. Here is the name list. Book club member is Janine Pasiliao, Luke, and Duy. That is my group. Now that i told you about my group. Everything is now settle. My group and I always love reading. Because reading is fun, understanding, and gain more thinking. It’s good for us. Reading makes us feel happier and comfortable.

The next one is about group discussion for top 3 books. My group and I had a discussion about which best 3 books that we decide. It took us about maybe a few minutes to figure out which books that we heard about. After few minutes, we finally made a decision. My group and I decide to choose the books call lord of the flies, the great gatsby, and the catcher in the rye. This is our best 3 books. After we finally choose our top 3 books, my group and I make a plan to complete the goal for our top 3 books. Our goal is to read our top 3 books that we chose and take note. Whatever we can to take note as possible as we can. It’s gonna be on our portfolio. So, this is really important for us to understand what this is about. That is why we are gonna do that.

So, our 1st goal is to start with the book call lord of the flies. The reason why we choose that book ,because we 4 of us heard about lord of the flies book before. Although, it was kind of cruel story. But, we are gonna do our best to get through with this lord of the flies book. After we complete the lord of the flies book discussion, then the 2nd goal is that we are gonna do the same thing by going over taking note for the great gatsby and the catcher in the rye. That’s all. For my expectation, I just hope that we 4 of us, as a group, that we can completely this book club assignment together. Very, very perfectly. So, we can finally succeed everything we have gone through for our goal. My group and I will be so happy together. I just hope we 4 of us have a good time and enjoy the fun doing the perfect book club. Omg. This is gonna fun doing the best book club ever. So, let’s hope that we prepare for this special occasion for the book club assignment. That is all.

Blog #1 – My life story connection by “Superman & me”

Why do I love reading? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because reading helps me to build up the understanding, communication, and experience. It’s a good thing to try to understand, what they are trying to explain to you about something. Whenever I had a curiosity about those stories, I always make sure that whenever i choose the books or magazine that interest me, it helps me to gain more understanding and put lots of information into my brain. Sometimes I pick the entertainment stories and important stories. My mother influenced me in continuing my education. My mother is very helpful  to me. Because she is trying to make sure that I don’t give up easily. I say it is positive influence. My mother is the only one who can help me get back up and never lose hope. When I was in middle school, I had a hard time figure out how to make the sentence right. Because I didn’t read enough books. That is why my grammar is the only thing that keeps me struggle within me. Also, my understanding was not enough too. I try really hard to make things easier to understand for creating sentence. But, I wasn’t good enough. I had a really bad situation. When I fully grown up to become high school student, my major this time is about academic communication and language art. I spent some times study about the  academic art and language art for 4 years. I heard it is a good place to study about the grammar correction and more communication.  So, I took that class and meet one of my favorite teacher who help me to build up the understanding and make writing correction. It was the best class I ever known. Teacher change my life better writer. Teacher teach me little by little about brainstorm idea, grammar, and communication. Her teaching is the best. I owe teacher a thanks. After I graduate the high school, I’ve finally reach my ultimate goal. Because I study really hard to improve my reading and writing skill. And now, my english is getting better and better. After spending 4 years study about academic communication and language art in high school, I have finally got through. I had struggle about the grammar and communication long time. And now, not anymore. My struggle has finally reach it’s end. Because I never lose hope. I always keep on moving forward and never stop. That is how I begin to learn how to read and write the correct way. Whenever I find something interesting stories, I will always love to read it. I have a same feeling from the story of “superman & me”. He too also try really hard to improve his reading skill. And he did. After all he went through of his struggles, he finally reach his goal. He finally became a best writer in the world. That is why I too also want to become the best writer in the world. If I want my reading and writing skill to get more better and better, then I gonna have to study really hard to improve my reading and writing skill. No matter what it takes to do it. Never giving hope. That is all I ever want to be. The best writer in the world.